All sizes, all shapes

Please let us know what size and shape your trolley has and we will show you how to clean it. This can be done semi or fully automatic.


 All machines are designed upon a very strong frame and build with only the strongest parts. This allows our customers to enjoy the machine for many years without loosing any cleaning power

Suitable for different products

 Mafo machines are rarely build to clean just 1 sort of product, without any issue many different products can be handled by 1 machine, that is the benefit of flexible solutions





years of experience


years of warranty



High capacity

 This trolley cleaner machine can handle up to 60 trolleys per hour, but can aslo be interesting if you only need to clean 30 units per hour. And the machine can handle 200l and 300l units without any issue 


Programable cleaning

 The digital washing program allows for cleaning programs which suit you at that moment. This can also be done fully automatic. After the cleaning the trolley's are rinsed and dried before leaving the machine.


Flexible solutions

 Due to the fact that we design your machine for your needs it is no issue to extend it with technology which fits your needs like desired water or air temperature, chemical solutions or product transport systems


Customer specific

Most machines are designed per customer. All machines are using the strongest components which we will incorporate into your machine. It is also no issue to re-design a standard solution to fit your building. All options are open.

Learn more about the 110CK


The machines have been running smoothly in production for years, because the wishes of the market have changed, Dalco has adapted their production process. MAFO helps to assure the customer of clean standard wagons and crates in the future as well. "

Dalco Food Oss

“Thanks to the competent contact person, the collaboration was always professional and solution-oriented. The service is very good and the response time from MAFO is very short. what more could a good partner want? ”

Hans-Peter Bielefeldt, Matthes Maschinen-Industrietechnik

“Our partnership with MAFO has been around for more than 30 years. Because MAFO can think along with us, we have been working together for years. We also have machines that suit us as a company. ”

Emil Färber GmbH & Co. KG

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with MAFO. We have been working together for over 15 years and we can always find cooperative solutions related to the washing facilities. This fits in perfectly with our wishes. ”

Hartmann Lebensmitteltechnik Anlagenbau GmbH

“We can look back on a very good and long-term cooperation with the MAFO company. This is certainly also due to the uncomplicated way of communicating and the always competent and fast support from MAFO. ”

Martin Kessler, Ultramatic AG

Please contact us

If you want to learn more about a tailor-made solution for trolley washing, or other options.

MAFO trolley washers

Containers, standard trolleys, Dolavs, pallet boxes: they all have to be cleaned according to the HACCP standard. With us you will find the standard (car) washers for different sectors. In addition to the standard machines, we can always make variants that exactly match your wishes and requirements for every situation. This way you choose the efficiency that helps you further.

Specially developed functionalities

According to the HACCP standard, separation of dirty and clean products is mandatory. With a MAFO standard washer you are assured that you meet these obligations. In addition, we have developed additional functionalities (such as automatic transport, tilting and stacking systems), making the machines very user-friendly and energy-efficient.

The operation of trolley washers

Each industrial washing installation has its own unique washing process with the aim of cleaning the desired products. This also applies to standard vehicle washers. This is because standard wagons load and unload on an electro-hydraulic lifting platform. Washing times and programs (depending on the amount of soiling) can then be set. In addition, the machine is equipped with two processes: a washing cycle and a rinsing cycle. The durations can be set manually for both the washing program and the rinsing program. This also applies to the temperature, which can be adjusted to your wishes.

Customization for you

Would you like a high capacity standard washer that can wash up to 30 trolleys per hour? Or are you mainly looking for a standard washer that takes water and energy consumption into account? Whatever your wishes and requirements are, we can achieve a lot with a MAFO standard washer.

In our range you will find standard washers for various types of standard wagons. The MAFO standard trolley washer is designed for fast and efficient cleaning of 200 liters and / or 300 liter standard wagons. These can be fully integrated into your production line or designed as a stand-alone machine. We can even take care of the logistics surrounding the installation. So please let us know what is important to you your standard washer. Whether it concerns cleaning or capacity, MAFO always has the right standard washer for your situation.

Trust our quality

Every machine we supply is made of very high quality stainless steel. Together with you, we develop standard washers that exactly match your needs. Whether you opt for customization or a standardized washing machine, all our products are of the highest quality. With more than 50 years of experience, we work hard every day to realize your wishes where quality comes first. This is not only reflected in our materials, but also in our team of engineers.

Experience it for yourself: we are happy to give you a demonstration.

The advantages of a standard washer

Are you curious about what buying a standard washer can mean for you? We have already listed the benefits for you:

  • Cost savings.
  • Verzekerd van optimaal reinigingsresultaat.
  • Ensured optimal cleaning results.
  • Very user-friendly and safe.
  • Outstanding service.