Doubling of capacity at Detailresult group

Branche Food industry
Product Crates
Machine Modular tunnel washer
Capacity 2000 per hour
Dryer Yes
Fully automated Yes

Detailresult Velsen Noord

Detailresult Velsen Noord is the butcher's supplier for supermarket Dirk van den Broek. 
The company was formed in 2008 following a merger of DeKaMarkt and Dirk van den Broek. 
In the food industry, it often proves challenging for companies to gain full control over hygiene requirements. We produce tailor-made machines that thoroughly clean and dry your products. 
By choosing a professional washing installation, you can clean multiple products or increase your capacity. Work faster, but always with a consistent cleaning result.

Detailresult was particularly looking for an industrial washing installation specially made for crates and with a higher capacity than its current machine. Contact was made as Detailresult already had experience with Mafo. "We are very satisfied with the department and the product knowledge present. In addition, Mafo always gives good and appropriate advice.". For Detailresult, we recommended a cleaning machine with a pre-wash and heated blow-off. After all, it is important that the crates are not only spotless, but also dried properly. 

The new industrial crate washer has doubled Detailresult's capacity compared to the old machine. 
"It is a reliable machine that has few breakdowns. The increased capacity allows us to do our work a lot faster. The machine now cleans as many as 2,000 crates per hour!". Beforehand, Detailresult looked at several installations and carried out tests with their own crates. This way, together we were able to ensure that the installation perfectly matched the wishes and requirements.


"Mafo is very involved in the complete process, even after delivery. That makes our cooperation incredibly pleasant."

Detailresult Head butcher

Machine optimization

Detailresult is still very happy with the new industrial crate washer. 
"We are now looking with Mafo to reduce the energy costs of the new machine. In this, the service offered by Mafo is incredibly nice. They are involved in the complete process, even after delivery. That makes our cooperation very pleasant."

After Detailresult's story, are you curious about what Mafo can do for your company? Contact us without obligation via our contact form. We will be happy to look together at the perfect solution for your product and issue.

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Together we come up with The best solution for your business

These are the steps we go through together:

  1. We visit you for an introductory meeting to assess your situation.
  2. Based on your wishes and requirements you will receive a quotation.
  3. We perform wash tests to ensure that your machine works 100% as desired.
  4. You receive your customized machine
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The best quality

With 50+ years of experience and 8 year warranty we offer the best quality. Many of our customers even do 15-20 years with the same machines!

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Low maintenance required due to use of stainless steel and other high-quality materials.

Custom solutions

All MAFO systems are customized solutions with your needs and requirements as the starting point.


We ensure that you are always 100% satisfied even after the machines are delivered.