A consistent cleaning result for Ofi

Branche Food Industry
Product Drums and filters
Machine Modular Tunnel Washer
Capacity 150 - 200 per hour
Dryer Yes
Fully automated Yes


For 112 years, Ofi Netherlands has been the producer of cocoa semi-finished products within the food industry. Ofi processes cocoa beans into products such as cocoa mass, powder and butter. 
It is an international player operating in 50 countries around the world. Within the food industry, it is often a challenge for companies to fully control hygiene requirements. Mafo is able to make custom-made tunnel washers that fully clean and dry your products. The machines offer a user-friendly way to achieve consistent cleaning results. 

Ofi contacted us because they were experiencing problems cleaning their drums and filters. 
They wanted to be able to clean both products at the same time. Previously, the drums were in fact cleaned by hand, which resulted in high labour costs and a less reliable result. 

The main goal of the washing installation for Ofi was to achieve a 100% reliable cleaning result. 
We spoke to Bert Havik, Production Quality Specialist at Ofi: "Mafo went through all the necessary steps with us and showed us comparable machines. This allowed us to be sure that the investment we would make would be worthwhile. We also paid a lot of attention to the quality requirements." Indeed, at Ofi, there was a lot to be gained in terms of user-friendliness. We started by designing a machine that would meet all their needs. We then tested and installed the machine extensively. 

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"We are extremely satisfied with the pleasant cooperation with Mafo. We are also positive about the service, Mafo is very involved."

Bert Havik Production Quality Specialist

Optimisation of the washing installation

Together with Ofi, we finally opted for an industrial throughput cleaning machine including blow-off at the points where the drums and filters are cleaned. "We are extremely satisfied with the pleasant cooperation with Mafo. We are also positive about the service, Mafo is very involved". Ofi can now wash their drums up to twice as fast and they have the desired constant cleaning result. This has made the cleaning process less labour-intensive and a lot more user-friendly. We are still involved with Olam to fine-tune the washing installation. This keeps the industrial cleaning machine up to quality standards and we can solve any obstacles immediately. 

Like Ofi, would you like to make your cleaning process more user-friendly and less labor-intensive? Or do you have another question about your product? Contact us without obligation. Together we will look at your wishes and requirements to come up with the perfect solution.

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Together we come up with The best solution for your business

These are the steps we go through together:

  1. We visit you for an introductory meeting to assess your situation.
  2. Based on your wishes and requirements you will receive a quotation.
  3. We perform wash tests to ensure that your machine works 100% as desired.
  4. You receive your customized machine
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Why our customers choose Mafo

The best quality

With 50+ years of experience and 8 year warranty we offer the best quality. Many of our customers even do 15-20 years with the same machines!

Global coverage

Low maintenance required due to use of stainless steel and other high-quality materials.

Custom solutions

All MAFO systems are customized solutions with your needs and requirements as the starting point.


We ensure that you are always 100% satisfied even after the machines are delivered.