The operation of pallet washers

MAFO's pallet washer has a strong design and is equipped with an internal drain. Pallets are loaded and then further transported. A loose intermediate frame makes it possible to partially dismantle the plating. This allows you to easily inspect the washing machine. Depending on the model, the unit is equipped with four adjustable feet. Rotating arms are also mounted on the frame, which are equipped with a strong cleaning force.

Thorough cleaning

Our MAFO pallet washers are highly water-efficient and energy-efficient. The powerful spray system removes impurities from your pallets with ease. The water in the boiler is continuously filtered to ensure clean water. Because the pallet is rinsed in a separate zone and the water is collected, the water can be reused. In short, a thorough cleaning process that saves water.

Trust our quality

Whether you choose to customize or purchase a standardized crate washer, all of our products are of the highest quality. With more than 50 years of experience, we work hard every day to realize your wishes, with quality as our top priority. This is reflected not only in our materials, but also in our team of engineers. It is all about further development, innovation and improvement of the quality of our MAFO washing machines.

Your custom solution

At MAFO we are known for our custom solutions. From compact, manually operated washing machines to fully automated models. It is even possible to integrate our pallet washers into your production line. We can also take your preferences into account when choosing specific components. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of washing pallets.

Fully automated

Our machines can be integrated into a fully-automated production line. The pallets are dried with (filtered) ambient air. If you need a machine with larger dimensions or higher capacities, we can also realize that for you. Would you like to know more or would you like to receive advice from our experts in the field of pallet washers? Please feel free to contact us.

The advantages of a pallet washer

Are you curious what the purchase of a pallet washer can do for you? We've summarized the benefits for you:

  • High efficiency with low investment.
  • Hygienic and compact design.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Highly ergonomic.
  • A long lifespan.
  • Fully customizable in line with your specific needs.

Possible combinations

MAFO often doesn't build 1 solution for 1 problem, but 1 machine that can wash and dry multiple products of various shapes and sizes. Show us your challenge, and we will come up with an appropriate solution.

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