Ultramatic AG

Winterthur, Zwitserland

 "A simple way of communication plus a fast and competent support service, that is MAFO to us."

Dalco Food

Oss, Nederland

"Easy in use which has been great for us for many years"

"For over 20 years we have been working with MAFO. Little contact is necessary because the quality meets our expectations. The products are also easy to use, which has enabled us to benefit from them for many years."

Stefan van den Hanenberg, Operation Director, Dalco Food Oss

Hartmann Lebensmitteltechnik Anlagenbau

Nienburg/Weser, Duitsland

Finding suitable solutions for every request we have in regards to washing and cleaning

Emil Färber GmbH & Co.

Emmendingen, Duitsland

Over 30 years of joined partnership on technical solutions

Matthes Maschinen-Industrietechnik GmbH

Mettmann, Duitsland

 Fast reactions combined with great technical support during our long and proffesional, problemsolving relation