Custom solutions

We do not offer standard solutions, but are happy to create a custom solution. There we have been able to think up and realise a suitable solution for many customers.

Mafo 450MBBHH + 570MBBHHA-2
Mafo 330MGN + 470MA-1

Specially developed functionalities

According to the HACCP standard, separation of soiled and clean products is mandatory. With a MAFO standard washer, you can be confident that you are meeting these obligations. We have also developed additional functionalities (such as automatic transport, tilting and stacking systems) which make the machines very user-friendly and energy-efficient.

The operation of standard washers

Elke industriele wasinstallatie heeft zijn eigen uniek wasproces met als doel om de gewenste producten te reinigen. Dit geldt ook voor voor normwagenwassers. Normwagens laden en lossen namelijk op een elektrohydraulisch hefplatform. Wastijden en programma’s (afhankelijk van de hoeveelheid vervuiling) kunnen vervolgens worden ingesteld. Daarbij is de machine uitgevoerd met twee processes: een wascyclus en een spoelcyclus. Voor zowel het wasprogramma als het spoelprogramma kunnen de duurtijden handmatig worden ingesteld. Dit geldt ook voor de temperatuur die aangepast kan worden naar uw wensen.

Your custom solution

Every industrial washing system has its own unique washing process with the objective to clean the desired products. This also applies to standard bin washers. Standard bins are loaded and unloaded on an electro-hydraulic lifting platform. Washing times and programmes (depending on the amount of soiling) can then be set. The machine is equipped with two processes: a wash cycle and a rinse cycle. For both the wash programme and the rinse programme, the durations can be set manually. This also applies to the temperature which can be adjusted according to your wishes.

In our assortment, you will find standard washers for various types of standard washers. MAFO's standard bin washer is designed for the fast and efficient cleaning of 200 litre and/or 300 litre standard bins. These can be fully integrated into your production line or designed as stand-alone machines. We can even take care of the logistics surrounding the installation. So please let us know what is important to you your standard washer. Whether you're focused on cleaning or capacity, MAFO always has the right washer for your situation.


Trust our quality

Each machine we supply is made of very high-quality stainless steel. Together with you, we develop standard washers that exactly match your needs. Whether you choose a custom or standardized standard washer, all our products are of the highest quality. With more than 50 years of experience, we work hard every day to realize your wishes, with quality as our top priority. This is not only reflected in our materials, but also in our team of engineers.

Experience it first-hand: we are happy to give you a demonstration.

The advantages of a standard washer

Are you curious what the purchase of a standard washer can do for you? We've summarized the benefits for you:

  • Cost savings.
  • Guaranteed optimal cleaning results.
  • Excellent quality with a complete finish.
  • Highly user-friendly and safe.
  • Excellent service.

Possible combinations

MAFO often doesn't build 1 solution for 1 problem, but 1 machine that can wash and dry multiple products of various shapes and sizes. Show us your challenge and we will come up with a appropriate answer.

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